Illustrator Meeting

This year the illustrators meeting will take place at the Frappant in Hamburg. We want to draw together and exchange ideas.
The work made during the meeting will be exhibited on Saturday the 17th of November at 7pm. After the opening there will also be space to work together, exchange techniques and share your work.

Opening: Saturday, 17th of November at 7pm
The exhibition will be open on Sunday from 2pm – 7pm
Venue: Frappant e. V., Zeiseweg 9, Viktoria-Kaserne, Hamburg


Who is Claudette? This documentary sets out to find an answer. The intersexual Claude/tte grew up both girl and boy in northern Africa. As a teenager, the family returned to Switzerland, where Claude decided to live as a man, with wife and a job as an architect. When this life became too restricting, Claudette took over – a prostitute, and proud of her profession.
Claudette, Sylvie Cachin, Swiss 2008, 65 ‘, Digital, Original with English subtitles

Together with “Fragments Of Ava”
In Fragments of Ava a woman wakes up and rushes to her job, where she encounters an unexpected customer.
Fragments Of Ava, Zara Zandieh, Germany 2012, 12 ‘, Digital, Original with English subtitles

“Claudette” is presented by bildwechsel in cooperation with the Sex Arbeit Film Fest Hamburg and the International Queer Film Festival Hamburg.

Date: October 20th, 2012
Beginning: 8:15pm
Venue: B-Movie, Brigittenstraße 5, Hamburg

Bildwechsel celebrates

Come see stage miniatures and video interludes and celebrate with us at Centro Sociale.

Date: September 15th, 2012
Beginning: 7:30pm
Venue: Centro Sociale, Sternstr. 2, Hamburg

Dance And Performance Videos From the Bildwechsel Archives

Lisa Fannen is visiting Hamburg. She will present her video “Dialogue”.
We will also be showing a programme of dance and performance videos from the bildwechsel archives.

DIALOGUE (approx. 15 mins)
Edited sound and improvised movement as response to/ critique of new age

…. these particular prayers we’re offered…..
Dialogue was performed as a solo in a few places. A solo performance in London April 2012 experimented with trying to open out into shared conversation and was followed by a second evening of performance which involved a group improvised dance/movement response to the sound. This
film is a record of that collective performance.
Sound Lisa Fannen.
Improvised movement Natasha Lowe Swingler, Jiska Morgenthal, Katsura Isobe and Jan Lee.

Date: August 16th, 2012
Beginning: 7pm
Venue: Bildwechsel, Kirchenallee 25, 20999 Hamburg

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