An unfinished conversation

“An unfinished conversation“*
Artist talk & short films with Nosheen Khwaja / Digital Desperados (Glasgow)

“Breaking down barriers that prevent (Trans*-) Women of Color from making their own films”: Digital Desperados (DD)

Digital Desperados (an independent group in Glasgow, Scotland) has been offering film courses for (Trans*-) Women of Color since 2009, as well as running the GLITCH Film Festival, Glasgow’s first QTIPoC**- film festival since 2015. They have been working with Bildwechsel for many years. With the unique programme focus of the GLITCH Film Festival, Digital Desperados offers an international platform for films and art by queer persons of color and has been invited to renowned short film festivals including AKS Copenhagen, MIX NYC and the Hamburg LSF Filmtage.
We are delighted that Nosheen Khwaja will present the work of Digital Desperados and bring exciting short films with her!

November 6, 2018 • Posted in: film, general

swarm-viewing during the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival

we know that every video/film wants to be seen. for a swarm-viewing we bring a collection of films and videos that are related to one another – by theme, approach, time, or place – this time we will be showing films on the topic #mybodyispolitical.

The videos/films are presented together yet individually. The people who visit the swarm event can pick up a personal dvd player and each film from a central location where we are on hand to introduce the works one by one. The films/videos then can be viewed, on their own pace, alone or in groups.
Swarm-viewing is a format we’ve experimented with many times and it works really well – people swap films with one another and it seems to encourage people to discuss and engage with the work – it creates a really lovely film respecting atmosphere.
please feel invited to come.
You are always invited to bring your own videos for the bildwechsel archives.

date: october 17th, 2pm – 8pm
venue: bildwechsel, Kirchenallee 25, Hamburg


EDIT-A-THON: WIKIPEDIA WORKSHOP and editing event on ART + FEMINSM with bildwechsel basel in cooperation with bildwechsel hamburg

edit-a-thon art + feminism is an editing marathon for wikipedia connoisseurs and debutants. We will be editing entries about women in the arts, write new ones and discuss what remains on the internet and who determines the content.
Bildwechsel on Wikipedia: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bildwechsel

Bring your laptop
date: July 20th + 21st, 2018
venue: Bildwechsel, Kirchenallee 25, Hamburg


This year the illustrators meeting will focus on screen printing. It will take place at the Villa Magdalena K. in Hamburg, where we can use the screen printing workshop.
If you want to print please plan on coming both days. There will be help for those who have never done screen printing before.
There also will be time to draw together, flick through sketchbooks and exchange ideas.

Dates: Saturday, 30th of June, 11am to 6pm & Sunday, 1st of July, 11 am to 5pm
Venue: Villa Magdalena K., Bernstorffstr.160a, Hamburg

b_movie and bildwechsel present: recLAmation

Hilary Goldberg’s recLAmation is a feature-length experimental documentary/narrative film shot on Super 8 in which capitalism in contemporary Los Angeles is overthrown, and queer superheroes navigate a possible future. recLAmation illuminates historic connections between private and public systems of oppression, and explores how worldview shifts caused by personal trauma rendered the capitalist paradigm nonsense.

In the first two sections—1) Consumption and Colonization, 2) Collapse—personal narratives interact with moving images of contemporary Los Angeles, stop motion animation, and sound design. Writer/director Goldberg’s memoir unfolds, offering reflections on time spent with her mother’s violent fiancé and in a mental hospital. Then, a fictional narrative envisions a dream of Los Angeles after it has been liberated from capitalism. Queer superheroes explore a possible future for the city that includes housing for all, truly free markets, the end of prisons, and more.

date: March 8th, 2018
beginning: 7pm
venue: b-movie, Brigittenstraße 5, Hamburg

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