An evening of enter- and infotainment on March 12th, 2007

Bildwechsel proudly presents a Queer Monday Event:

Silence = Death

An evening of videos from the Bildwechsel video archive on HIV/AIDS, safer sex and activism. The presented shortfilms adress the issue from different perspectives with a variety of documentary and artistic approaches. What kind of fights and education was important in the 80s? What about today?
Many films are screened in the English Original.

starts at 8.30 pm
venue: Buttclub, Hafenstr. 126, Hamburg

March 7, 2007 • Posted in: event

Bildwechsel welcomes…

All women, trans* and intersexuals are welcome at Bildwechsel. Queer and gay men, who are supportive of women’s/feminist/queer communities are also welcome.

‘I love Bildwechsel’ decided to use the term women+ to acknowledge Bildwechsel’s history as a women’s project on the one hand and its inclusiveness towards trans*, intersexuals and queer men on the other.
We’re curious to hear your thoughts on this (imperfect) solution. Do you feel included by this term? Do you have another suggestion how to appropriately address our target groups?
You’re welcome to post a comment below.

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