video collection

The video collection at Bildwechsel is an audiovisual archive offering a panoramic view of video and film work by women+ for almost 40 years. Over 10.000 videos and films are archived at Bildwechsel.
The collection is classified into various archive sections and presents German videos/films as well as works by international women+ artists.
Video collection
As a specialized archive, the video collection is dedicated to women+ artists and women+ in video/film and their work.
The way the archive expands is by us making contact with the individual women+ working in video/film and receiving their videos/films for our archive from the filmmakers themselves. We do not buy videos or record films from television. Since 1993, we also offer the option of archiving the original formats (all video systems, 16 mm, super 8, slide-shows).
The videos/films in all of the archive categories can be viewed on our premises under optimum technical conditions, both by individuals and groups. We provide an advice service for women+ interested in media arts, and those working in the field, as well as for festivals, or women+ artists and others seeking information from Germany and abroad.

We differentiate between reference works, which are only available for viewing on our premises, and copies, which we also lend out with the written consent of the video/film donor. In addition, we provide a distance lending service for a number of specially compiled videos/films.

The video collection at Bildwechsel could be the place where your video/film is still accessible and available for viewing in 10 years time.
Write to us, call us and come and visit us. Have a look at the video collection and bring your videos/films with you.
Download agreement for videos/films: agreement.