Experimental Video Work By Nikki Forrest

Villa Magdalena K. and Bildwechsel invite you to an evening with Montreal based artist Nikki Forrest. She will show her recent experimental video work.

Nikki Forrest is a Montreal based visual and media artist whose practice includes video, sound, drawing and installation projects. Her short experimental videos have been shown at many festivals and galleries including: The Mix Festival (New York), The Glasgow Film and Video Workshop, The Oberhausen Short film and Video Festival (Germany), Ausland (Berlin), Le Center d’Art Santa Monica (Barcelona), Signal and Noise (Vancouver), The Images Festival (Toronto) and the Festival Internationale du Films sur l’Art (Montreal).

Her current work explores the improvisatory flow of process, materials and ideas that emerge from an interdisciplinary studio practice and the relationship between perception and how the world appears to us.

date: July 11th, 2014
beginning: 8:30pm
venue: villa magdalena k, bernstorffstraße 160a, Hamburg

July 1, 2014 • Posted in: film

Bildwechsel calls for artist links

Please send us links for the, soon to be relaunched, women+artist link site, and the new women+artist film/video makers portal.

contact gro.l1558308218eshce1558308218wdlib1558308218evoli1558308218@etak1558308218

more info:

The “women+artist link site”
Here’s a link to the existing site: www.bildwechsel.org/portal/index.html – On the new site we would really like to include more of the wonderful artists we are in contact with, as well as to reflect more of our international connections.

women+artists film / video makers site
In tandem we are working on a link-site dedicated to the work of women+ artist film / video makers. We have started to contact some of you whose work is already represented within the bildwechsel archives and collections to ask you if you’d like to be on the new site – a huge and ongoing and enjoyable job!!

**So: how about you ? **

If you are already in the archive and we’ve not contacted you yet: please get in touch.

If your work is still missing from the bildwechsel collections and archives but you’d like to take part in one or both of the link sites: we’d be happy to know you too (and if you’d like to have your work in the physical collections too we’d be happy about that as well).

For the link sites all we need is: your name, an image, a short bio, and a link to your website
and in addition, for the video-link-portal, we need a link to a film that you already have online somewhere e.g vimeo, youtube, on your own site.

Contact us at gro.l1558308218eshce1558308218wdlib1558308218evoli1558308218@etak1558308218

Bildwechsel birthday

Come celebrate our 34th birthday with us on December 8th, 2013.

From 3pm on we will serve cold and warm drinks and we will be watching treasures we have collected over the last 34 years in the bildwechsel archives.

End Of Year Calendar

come and click – the bildwechsel end-of-year calender will be by your side, day by day, picture by picture, from december 1st to january 1st 2014 – an online exhibition by and with 32 artists!

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