“VALIE PLUS – pocket archive” on August 26th

VALIE PLUS – Pocket Archive is intended to be an on-going series placing its interest within film, video and performance focusing on queer and feminist perspectives, representations and viewpoints.

In the „Pocket Archive“ we will „export“ films and videos of international artists and filmmakers to Berlin. These will be selected from the 7000+ films and videos held in the archive of Bildwechsel in Hamburg, an umbrella organisation for Women+/Media/Culture. ..


6:30pm Pocket Archive – flying temporary archive
The possibility of choosing and watching together fragments of films we’ve found in and exported from the bildwechsel archive in hamburg, categorized with keywords “community” and “revolution”, most films will be in german or english language…

9pm mini Vokü (soup)

10pm Welcome-Screening (Open Air)


Jessica MacCormack
Musicvideo with engl.text (Song by Rae Spoon), 3:54, 2010

Wissen wir heute, dass die wehenden roten Fahnen damals peinlich waren?

Hanna Bergfors, Irina Kaldewey, Kornelia Kugler
3:20 min, 16mm auf DVD, Berlin, 2010

Maggots and Men

Cary Cronenwett
engl.+dt.UT, 53 min, 16mm+8mm on DVD, USA, 2009
We’re always looking for new entries, so bring your videos/films with you!

date: 26. August 2010
beginning: 6:30 pm
venue: Halle A/14/ Heidestr. 5/Berlin, (almost in front of the main station, almost next to hamburger bahnhof, look for small “garages”)

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