LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin (16.-19.09.10) is CALLING FOR FILMS!

LaDIYfest is a non-profit volunteer run Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) festival of music, art, performance and workshops, organized and orchestrated by feminist activists, artists and musicians of various genders. It helps to showcase the skills and talents of a diverse group of groundbreaking feminist people working in the arts, community building and activism. It is a PARTICIPATORY festival, a community festival.

In Berlin we take on the idea of the first Ladyfests of empowering the presence of women in the arts and try to take it further, outside the binary gender system.

As LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin is non-profit, we donate any excess cash that is received to other organizations that are non-commercial. While we like to give anything we can to those who we think deserve it and of course share our feminist standards, we are especially interested in helping those that have their focus specifically on feminist and queer politics.

A mixed and open screening is planned and we are looking forward for your videos of every genre! (short, long, roadmovies, docs, fiction, science fiction, porns, animations, storys, everydaylive-observations, the thinkable and the unthinkable )

DEADLINE for submitting films is 15th of august.

Please send your preview dvds or vhs, including your contact, short description an info about film and filmmaker to:

LaD.I.Y.fest c/o
Sonja Wieland
Kottbusser Damm 75
2.HH links
10967 Berlin

La.D.I.Y.fest Berlin/ FILM is collaborating with Bildwechsel (organisation for women+/media/culture) and will forward every film to it archive. if you do NOT want us to forward your film to that archive, you have to remark that on your submission.

For further questions please contact:

July 7, 2010 • Posted in: call