‘Scenes from everyday life’ on April the 5th

Premiere of the first 3-day mini-festival «Video Park Broll» in Basel.

Work will be screened at the cinema «Club» and at Lodypop, and will be part of an online exhibition on the website «Video Park Broll».
You can find more infos about the online exhibition here:
lodypop.ch / galerie-broll.com / videopark.org

Program on Saturday, 5th of April 2008:

7pm introduction of the video project at lodypop, st.johannsvorstadt 72, 4056 basel
11:30pm Nocturne at kult.kino club, marktplatz 34, 4001 basel

With videos from:

Nicole Boillat CH, butchsworld/Heike Schader D, Manuela Johanna Covini CH, Pascale Grau CH, Mireille Gros CH, Helga Hofbauer A, Jane Jin Kaisen USA, Maria Kowalski D, Landsberg&Loreck D, Georgette Maag CH, Sabine Rollnik und Stini Sebald D, Christina Schäfer D, Céline Schroeder NL, Robert Seidel D, Bruno Steiner/Ralph Hauswirth CH, Kotaro Tanaka JP, Maria Vedder D, Sibylle Wais D

*”Scenes from the everyday life”*

‘We invite to the debate everything that already exists: documentation, memory, life drafts, relationships, transgender, habits, security, families, meetings, seperations, temperatures, hidden diseases, familiar places, homo lives, and daily emotions.’

Read the whole call for the festival here!

March 31, 2008 • Posted in: event