save the date: 3. May 2008 on the Cap San Diego in Hamburg’s harbour

For friends of the high seas, for sailors, pirates, mermaids and fishes.
A celebration of free people, a meeting point for the elderly youth and raw transvestites.
– where real friends meet now in the spring
– with suggestive and traditional attractions
For all genders out of magazines of homosexual women of the 20s:
The wide and high seas, the longing ocean with its animal attractions, breeches part and dame actors give you a reason to masquerade and sultry feelings!

Hosts of the night ‘evi, nic und c‘.

With knot dance, sea horse ballet, sailors, love messengers, tug-of-war, tyro line, singing and dancing of the raw transvestites, tombola, dough nut conga line, underwater attractions, moonshine dance, the singing swallow tail and again the rewarding of the most beautiful lady calf.

We are looking for small and big tombola prices!
If you want to help, perform, …. please contact:

date: 3. May 2008
entrance: 7pm
beginning: 8pm
venue: Cap San Diego, Hamburg
S-Bahn S1 / S3: Landungsbrücken
U-Bahn U3: Baumwall bzw. Landungsbrücken
HADAG Fährlinie Nr. 62: Landungsbrücken bzw. Sandtorhöft

March 3, 2008 • Posted in: event