The Garden film programme – call for submissions

Send us your films!

Ideas about and around the idea of gardens and gardening, fantasy gardens, science fiction, artist gardens, gender, sexuality and the garden, queer gardening, feminism and the garden, animations, music videos, experimental, documentary, activist films…. films old and new would be lovely, or maybe you have something you’d like to make especially for the programme?

We are excited and absolutely fascinated to see what you have to suggest.

The first screening is already fixed for the 24th May in London. Other screenings in other cities will follow – the programme will certainly tour!

And of course we’d love to have your films in the bildwechsel archive too.

Please send us your ideas / films by April 30th 2012 (or get in touch if you have something in mind that might take a bit longer).


we only have the possibility to screen dvd at the London screening but welcome submissions in other formats as well (for the archive, but also, if you are happy for us to do it, to copy to dvd if we are able to, for the programme). If your work is on 16 mm or super 8 we probably can’t copy it immediately but would love to discuss with you screening it in the future, and of course for archive purposes we’d love to have it.

Please mail your submissions to:

Kate Henderson, Bildwechsel Glasgow, B/1 35 Carnarvon Street, Glasgow G3 6HP, along with your contact details.

Please email us to let us know the film is on its way and so that we can keep in touch: please include details of the film (title, director, date, original format, country, language and a synopsis).

Also: get in touch if you have ideas for new work, contacts for other artists that you think we should contact, ideas around the theme that you’d like us to know about ….



April 3, 2012 • Posted in: call