*Videopark Broll – Call for video:*

Galerie Helga Broll, Lodypop and Videopark invite you to submit work for a 3-day mini-festival in 2008 in Basel. Your work will be screened at the cinema «Club» and at Lodypop, and will be part of an online exhibition on the website «Video Park Broll».

Videopark is an independent online video gallery project initiated by Jan Voellmy. Galerie Helga Broll stands for works that are collaboratively provocative, for the production of visual discussions and joint presentations. Lodypop stands as an art space for “performance without pressure” and “projects without panic”.
galerie-broll.com / lodypop.ch / videopark.org


Each of the three topics has its own deadline. Your submission must be with us by the deadline date in order for us to have time to prepare for the screening and the online exhibition. Screenings are approximately 1 month after each closing date. Location and dates will be announced.
Please submit your work in good time!

*”Scenes from the everyday life”*

Deadline for submissions: 21 February 2008
We invite to the debate everything that already exists: documentation, memory, life drafts, relationships, transgender, habits, security, families, meetings, seperations, temperatures, hidden diseases, familiar places, homo lives, and daily emotions.

*”Dream and future”*

Deadline for submissions: 21 June 2008
Includes visionary revues, science fiction, desires, gender, intermediate images, light and shadow, make crinkles, artificial worlds, provisional ideals, reflections, surreal designs, tangible inventions, the uncanniness, transfers, utopia, the blink between reality and illusion.


Deadline for submissions: 21 October 2008
For statements and the things we always wanted to say, for interventions in the picture, for tricks, for hit songs, for animal shows at eye level, for which is better than real, for transformations and the turn back, for 400% emotion out of nothing, for fireworks, for breathing and the delusional sense of feasibility.


We look forward to your video submission on a MiniDV tape, PAL 4:3 (not anamorphotic), maximum of 4 minutes. To sign up, please send an e-mail with the following information to mail@videopark.org :

  • Full name
  • Title of the work
  • Place of origin
  • The year
  • Duration
  • Original material, the starting material (Super8, Mobile phone films, computer programs, etc)
  • Synopsis (Brief description)
  • Topic/s (see “Deadlines and Topics”)
  • your Contact:
  • Name
  • Street, no
  • City
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Mail

Send the tape to:

Videopark Broll
St. Johannsvorstadt 72
CH-4056 Basel

We are looking forward to your entries!

Warm Greeting
Chris Regn & Jan Voellmy

Please tell your friends!

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