“VALIE PLUS – pocket archive” on January 1st 2011

“VALIE PLUS – Pocket Archive” is intended to be an on-going series placing its interest within film, video and performance focusing on queer and feminist perspectives, representations and viewpoints.

In the „Pocket Archive“ we will „export“ films and videos of international artists and filmmakers to Berlin. These will be selected from the 7000+ films and videos held in the archive of Bildwechsel in Hamburg, an umbrella organisation for Women+/Media/Culture. ..

5pm Pocket Archive – flying temporary archive

The possibility of choosing and watching together fragments of films we’ve found in and exported from the bildwechsel archive in hamburg, categorized with keywords “gardens”, “parks”, “landscapes” and “urbanity”, most films will be in german or english language…

We’re always looking for new entries, so bring your videos/films with you!

10pm welcome-screening and live performance


  • frolic, clark nikolai, 3:30min, canada 2009
  • nature park, wassan ali 10min, berlin
  • auf der insel, ulrike hennecke, 5min, berlin 2009
  • rady4love, karin kröll, musik: kevin blechdom 4:22 min, hamburg 2010
  • die mitte, clarissa thieme, 2:30, berlin 2008
  • neues vom nachbarschaftsgarten garten rosa rose, berlin 2010

live performance

living outside, amelia bande, 25min
“animals in literature are freer than human beings from restricting laws of time and place. no prejudices intervene in the comfortable identification with an animal endowed with human properties.” dick bruna
the project LIVING OUTSIDE consists of fragments of my theatre plays: text + songs.
LIVING OUTSIDE is an experiment which tries to bring the private world of a playwright onto a stage. I decided to translate fragments of my plays into english creating a performance / staged reading with me as a writer on-stage, reading from my plays and singing the songs I made for them. CHUECA exposes the vulnerability of two women living on the margin of gender-norms. PARTIR y RENUNCIAR is a play about the conflict between traveling versus staying. this work suggests that wherever you go you always take everything with you.
the set is a representation of nature. a landscape where I will transform into a weird version of myself, maybe I am an animal. I take my room into nature. I want to be exposed. also, I am outside to emphasize the vulnerability of transgender identities, a theme present in all my plays.

date: 8. January 2011
beginning: 5 pm
venue: ausland / lychener str 60 / berlin

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