Initiated and organized from kaskadenkondensator and
via_studio (basel) and bildwechsel (hamburg):

After Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg this time the performer meeting takes place in Basel.
During this 3-day event the involved report about their different work conditions, present their work to the others and work together.
One aim of the meeting is to network and to make contacts to other cities.

On Saturday and Sunday the participants will show their work to the public.

Participants: iris béatrice baumann, basel; mo diener, zürich; verena gassmann, zürich; markus gössi, basel; pascale grau, basel; gisela hochuli, bern; judith huber, luzern; lisa jenny, bern; monica klingler, zürich/brüssel; irene maag, basel; chris regn, hamburg; isabel rohner, reute; eliane rutishauser, zürich; andrea saemann, basel; barbara sturm, basel; eva weingärtner, offenbach und eventuell auch: kathrin borer, basel; priska praxmarer, rupperswil; steffi weismann, berlin


kaskadenkondensator basel

burgweg 15
4058 basel

open to public:
Saturday 7th of July, 7pm, performances
Sunday 8th of July, 7pm, video

July 3, 2007 • Posted in: event