Have you ever had this problem: your ideas won’t fit the format, whether it was 4:3, or even 16:9?
Ever thought of changing your position, or turning the camera around?
Try it: all of a sudden things appear totally different.
We recommend ‘high format’ (portrait/vertical format) for “out-of-the-box thinking”.

For the video festival “parole: hochformat” in autumn 2010, bildwechsel is looking for short videos in ‘high format’.

‘parole: hochformat’ can be seen as a request to artists and to audiences to change position alongside a changing video format (from landscape to portrait).
It is an invitation to take note, to position one’s self and to change one’s position.


is therefore the motto of this call for films.

all contributions must be made in ‘high format’.
videos should not exceed 5 mins.
formats: dvd, vhs, minidv

submission deadline is 20th august 2010
please send copies to:
(parole hochformat)
kirchenallee 25
20099 hamburg

bildwechsel would like to keep all submissions for the video collection archive.
However, if you would like your submission returned to you please enclose a self-addressed envelope and we will let you know how much to send for the postage cost.

We are looking forward to your film!


is a videofestival which will be staged in hamburg in autumn 2010 for the first time. It is organised by bildwechsel and will take place at ten different locations: artist run spaces, alternative spaces, small galleries, womens+-places. On large TV monitors we will present the compilation of freshly made short videos in ‘high format’.
The screenings of the high format compilation will alternate with videos from the bildwechsel archives which will be specifically selected for each of the ten chosen locations. There may also be shop window presentations at additional locations.


is an audiovisual archive offering an international panoramic view of video and film work made by women+ over the last 30 years. Over 7.000 videos and films are archived at Bildwechsel.
The collection is classified into various archive sections, currently has a rapidly growing number of international queer videos/films as well as works by international women+ artists.


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