KVIR SVERA – First Polish Queer Erotic Art Festival

KVIR SVERA is a new festival started by Lesbian Coalition (LBT) and Emancypunx Records. It will be hold first time in may 11-13.  2007 in Warsaw.
All you always wanted to ask about queer and lesbian sex. Our answers are: workshops, discussions, movie screenings, exhibitions, installations and hot parties with live performances.


  • * Emilie Jouvet (photographer and movie director: “One Night Stand”)
  • * Dayna McLeod (movie director and performer)
  • * Manuela Kay (“L-Mag” chief editor and director of “Airport”)
  • * Cum2Cut crew
  • * Chris Regn & Eva Kiezman (Bildwechsel Archive) – Film screening and discussion about the production and reception of self-made pornography
  • * C.B.A. (hip-hop tranny MC from Berlin)
  • * DJanes: Tina Pornflakes, Pinkshot, Goga and others.

Special treats:

porno karaoke, pubic hair fantasies by HairJockey Anka, exciting erotic meals and more.

Also partly the festival will tour around Poland and go to such cities like Poznan and Wroclaw.
Our first event was “Borderfuckers” a Queer & anarchist theater piece by Jet Moon i Sal Tomcat, which we organized during the equality days in Warsaw.

With the festival we want to promote queer politics and culture. We are open to your suggestions and artistic proposals. Support queers and LGBT culture and politicts in Poland!!!!


April 20, 2007 • Posted in: event