Archives are your collective memory and places of queer history(ies). They are committed to ensuring that queer images and stories remain present and accessible. Digitalized videos, documentaries and feature films are currently finding a new audience. What challenges are queer archives facing today?
In this programme bildwechsel presents a fantastic wonder bag with documentaries and interviews with, among others, the Swedish Archive for the Queer Moving Image and the Lesbian Home Movie Project.
For 40 years bildwechsel has been working as an umbrella organisation for women+/media/culture and as an action forum, locally and globally. This makes bildwechsel one of Hamburg’s oldest self-organised projects.

total length: approx. 100’
THE ARCHIVETTES, Megan Rossman, USA 2018, 61’, english

date: Thursday, 22nd of October & Friday, 30th of October, 2020
beginning: 7 pm (the programme is available online for 30 hours from the beginning of its start time)

Things will be different this year. Please read what the International Queer Film Festival Hamburg has to say:

“It’s year 31 of the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival and things are pretty different. But we aren’t letting it get us down, and with collective energy have put together a small, select programme. Germany’s oldest and biggest queer film festival will take place from 20th to 25th October 2020. Many films will be repeated in the week after the festival from 28th October to 1st November.
Most of the films will be presented online this year, but there will also be events in the cinema. You can look forward to film talks – online and offline – as always. We hope that you’ll get involved in this year’s experiment and that the online events will create a festival atmosphere in your home.
Form a viewing group, turn your home office into a home cinema and send out invitations for a streaming party!
More detailed information about programmes, film guests or regarding current additions to the subtitled versions can be found on our website. Your Team of the 31th Hamburg International Queer Film Festival”

September 18, 2020 • Posted in: film