who writes his_tory? & bildwechsel / gutergrund invite:

since the writing group “who writes his_tory?” was formed at the first edit-a-thon in the kaskadenkondensator/basel in 2016, many more writing workshops have been organized, especially in the german-speaking world – the common goal is to get more contributions from/about women+/artists to wikipedia.
worldwide there are many individual groups, mainly from the cultural environment, inspired by the campaign art+feminism, who meet regularly and write together.
in german speaking countries, these groups are unfortunately still too little connected. with this network meeting we want to change that.
we want as many activists / women+ / artists as possible to edit in wikipedia.

many questions emerged that we want to discuss together.
for this purpose we offer the framework of bildwechsel with its extensive archives on artists+.
for first-time-interested people the meeting is also designed as a hop in / hop out event – come by and get informed.
writers from all sprach-wikis are welcome.
a first introduction will take place.

  • friday 27th of september, 2019, starting at 6pm
  • saturday 28th of september, 2019, 11 pm – 4 pm
  • sunday 29th of september, 2019 11 pm – 4 pm

kirchenallee 25, 20099 hamburg

September 9, 2019 • Posted in: general