LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin (16.-19.07.09) is …

This year LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin formed two topic groups that each concentrate on specific subjects.
Inside of this years call for films we are focusing on those two topics, but we are keeping the call open for other subjects!

  • Topic 1:

    ‘Everyday Sexism’.
    We are trying to look into where sexism occurs in our everyday lives and how to deal with it. A focus will be on how to speak up against sexism and to develop counter strategies. Specifically, we want to deal with heterosexism/heteronormativity, sexism within relationships and family as well as for example in the leftwing movement. Apart from that sexism in language and the power/right of (self)definition could be further talking points.

  • Topic 2:

    we want to offer a platform to reflect on structural discrimination and how norms, structures of power and racism are reproduced in different surroundings. Therefore we want to deal with discrimination by the state and mainstream society, as well as being self reflective and work on our own behavior and attitudes, re-question our figuration of inclusion/exclusion. We are thinking of topics like e.g. challenge the predominantly white western feminism which rarely engages the questions of migration and nationality, under a postcolonial perspective. We are interested in different perspectives and positions of voices, thinkings and practices of feminism.

  • Open Call:

    The theme of the open call is ‘experiments in living’.
    LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin is colaborating with Bildwechsel (archive and project for women+ in media and cultur) and we are interested any kinds of realities, histories, utopias and imaginings, in communities and groups, homes and buildings, networks and connections. A mixed and open screening is planned and we are looking forward for your videos of every genre! (short, long, roadmovies, docs, fiction, science fiction, porns, animations, storys, everydaylive-observations, the thinkable and the not-thinkable )

DEADLINE for submitting films is 15th of june

please send your preview dvds or vhs, including your contact, short description an info about film and filmmaker to:
LaD.I.Y.fest c/o
Eva Kietzmann
12049 Berlin

La.D.I.Y.fest Berlin/ FILM is collaborating with great Bildwechsel (umbrella organisation for women+/media/culture) and will forward every film to it archive. if you do NOT want us to forward your film to that archive, you have to remark that on your submission.
Information about Bildwechsel:

for questions please contact:

If you are interested to offer a workshop, exhibition, performance, lecture, panel discussion or whatever action belonging to topic 1 or 2, please contact the topic groups directly:

LaD.I.Y.fest is a non-profit volunteer run ‘Do It Yourself’ (D.I.Y.)
festival of music, art, performance and workshops, organized and
orchestrated by feminist activists, artists and musicians of various
genders. It helps to showcase the skills and talents of a diverse
group of groundbreaking feminist people working in the arts, community
building and activism. It is a PARTICIPATORY festival, a community

In Berlin we take on the idea of the first Ladyfests of ’empowering
the presence of women in the arts’ and try to take it further, outside
the binary gender system.


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