Swarm Viewing in Zurich

Bildwechsel Hamburg, in association with (video-)artist* and activist*, will be showing a selection of videos from their archives in Zurich on Sunday the 28th of January.

Schwarmsichtung was developed by Bildwechsel and allows the participants to watch different videos at the same time individually.
The videos are running on small dvd-devices. This opens up the opportunity for each spectator* to define her* own way of watching the material.
Why is it getting dark so early? In which direction will society change? Who will I embrace in 10 and in 100 years? Where will it be? How will I name myself, if there won’t be any norms of desire? What kind of terms will exist for queer Grand-mas and Grand-dads? How will we live and who will that “we” be? Will we build new communities? How? Didn’t we already did that?! Do we want to go on with it? What do I want? Was it a good idea? What about the good ideas that existed, exist and will come? This are just a few questions that the Bildwechsel Team asked itself while curating the Schwarmsichtung at Les Complices*.

Schwarmsichtung is the second part of the Forever Now series. During the events of Forever Now the space at Les Complices* will be used as a living room, cinema, kitchen and studio, where we invite you to eat, drink, watch, write, read, draw, glue and speculate. In three sessions we want to watch films from the past, to view them from different angles, as tools and starting points for dystopic fictions, sarcastic hopes and looping presents. Films that tell about queer communities, lesbian* childhoods, revolutions, deaths, sci-fi plants, magic spit and other constructive stories. From Semi-fictions, to pseudo-documentaries, to art films and music videos, we invent techniques and methods, dreams, scenarios, fantasies. We sketch the roles of “me” “you” “we”, human, animals, plants, agency in self-created scenarios. With all the differences and dissonances, that the “we” holds.

We are looking to meet you there!
Christina, Sophia, Katja, Paloma, Nora, Martina, Gökçe, Les Complices*

for more info:

date: January 28th, 2018
beginning: 3 to 9 pm
venue: Les Complices*, Anwandstrasse 9, Zurich

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