swarm-viewing @ la*D.I.Y_fest hamburg


bildwechsel presents a swarm-viewing at hamburg LA*D.I.Y_fest 2014

bildwechsel always tries to provide limelight for the wonderful films/videos that are in the collections of the bildwechsel archives (since 1979).
we know that every video/film wants to be seen. for a swarm-viewing we bring a collection of films and videos that are related to one another – by theme, or approach, or time, or place – this time it is d.i.y.
the videos/films are presented together yet individually. the people who visit the swarm event can pick up a personal dvd player and each film from a central location where we are on hand to introduce the works one by one. the films/videos then can be viewed, at their own pace, alone or in groups.
swarm-viewing is a format we’ve experimented with already and it works really well – people swap films with one another and it seems to encourage people to discuss and engage with the work – it creates a really lovely film respecting atmosphere.
please feel invited to come.
and you are always invited to bring your own videos for the bildwechsel archives.

date: september 14th, 2pm – 6pm
venue: villa magdalena k, bernstorffstraße 160a, Hamburg

September 9, 2014 • Posted in: event, film