Zine fair in warsaw!

As part of “k?ir szyft”, a radical queer festival in Warsaw happening from the 27th to the 30th of november, there will be a ZINE FAIR!!! The event includes an exhibition, d.i.y. workshops, discussions, and presentations on the topic of zines.
The schedule is still open! We’d like to invite all interested zinemakers and folks with distros to take part and set up a table!

If you’d like to give a presentation or run a workshop about zines, we’d love to have you! Send your ideas to klirszyft@riseup.net
On the day of the fair the Warsaw “branch” of the Bildwechsel archive network is opening a ZINE LIBRARY/reading room. We welcome your work! You can bring your zines/chap books/videos etc. in person to UFA (ul.Marsza?kowska 3/5 first floor) or mail them to:
Ramme, po box 145, 02-792 Warszawa, Poland
more info:

k?ir szyft festival, 27-30.11.2008
warszawa, ufa/elba
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November 12, 2008 • Posted in: call, event