Call for contributions

Dear videomaker, performance artist, people with extraordinary lifestyle, experts and everybody!

Bildwechsel, umbrella organization for women+/ media/ culture is looking for your videos, films and visuals and acoustic statments for:

“unvermittelt” (> to be unplaced) which is a campaign and public intervention for reflecting the term of work/ employment/ labour far from being over-worked and deficits:
Experiences, methods and elbowroom

Please send us your films, documentations, comedies, dramas and statements which are trying to redefine the term of work/ employment/ labour and maybe show us tips and tricks for a fair and comfortable life.

The campaign is initiated by Workstation and will take place in August as a public intervention and later as an exhibition at NGBK.

For public viewings, loitering in front of Bundestag or demonstrations in front of the employment center we are looking for YOUR Videos and Statements!

Deadline is already at 10th of august!!!!

Pleas send your preview tape (dvd or mini dv) to:
10247 Berlin

If you have questions please contact:

July 20, 2008 • Posted in: call