The kind of impact we have on the ‘outside world’ and the way art and topical issues are perceived in other cities and countries is unthinkable without agents and a whole network of assistants and promoters. They take along information material about the umbrella organization and make contacts for the archive.

  • On-site they take care of material like videos, books and catalogues and negotiate with artists about the conditions under which their works will be held in the artists archive or the video collection.
  • They pass on information and act as contact people in the cities where they live or visit. This way we also keep abreast of political developments, and projects being launched or closed down. We maintain good contacts with Berlin, Basel, Vienna, London, San Francisco and particularly to Glasgow and Chicago.

Hamburg and Chicago are officially twinned cities and within this framework Bildwechsel has built up contacts to the women+’s/media arts/cultural scene in Chicago.
The video collection already contains over 100 titles of films and videos from Chicago.