Bildwechsel Glasgow – call out!!

queer, diy, collective, made-in-a-day films – call out!!

We’ve got another date at the cca on the 18th july – to premiere the next burnoutfilms film – going to show the three films from them and would like to show some other shorts made in the same/similar way: diy, collective filmmaking, shot in a day (or thereabouts)…. any ideas please contact us quick!!

website: www.bildwechselglasgow.wordpress.com

June 25, 2007 • Posted in: call

The archive bus is going to Basel

On Saturday the 23rd of June we will celebrate the handoff of the “Samuel-Herzog” collection to the archives of Bildwechsel in the Bildwechsel base in Basel: lodypop (St.Johannsvorstadt 72, 4056 Basel, www.lodypop.ch).

The “Samuel-Herzog” collection consists of contemporary art material that has been collected over the last 15 years.

With this collection Bildwechsel opens a new part of the archive: “bildwechsel & söhne” (‘bildwechsel & sons’).

call for queer music videos

The Hamburg Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and Bildwechsel Hamburg are looking for music videos done by queer artists and musicians.
call for queer music videos

We would like to ask you for any contributions you might have for our archive.

In addition, we are planning a screening during the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in October in Hamburg which will be made up of videos from this archive. The festival is the largest and oldest in GLBT Film Festival in Germany and will be 18 this year.
If you are interested in participating, we need your contributions by the end of August!


Film screening on May 12th

The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and Bildwechsel present the double feature ‘Hosen’.

Die Hosenrolle – ein Format

The breeches part in Film, Opera und Theatre
beginning: 8pm

Die gefühlte Hose

a shorts program
beginning: 9.15pm

venue: Metropolis Kino, Dammtorstr. 30a, Neustadt, Hamburg
date: May 12th, 2007

Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Hamburg: www.lsf-hamburg.de

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