There is a new german website online where you can find information about the upcoming Bubenball and some info’s about the two past Bubenbälle.
Website: www.galerie-broll.com/projekte/bubenballseite

English information about the Bubenball can be found here.
If you want a ticket for the Bubenball, please write an e-mail to: info@bildwechsel.org

April 19, 2008 • Posted in: event


MIX NYC presents a screening at CUNY CLAGS ALMS conference.
An international conference focusing on LGBT archives, libraries, museums special collections happening May 8-10.

Selected films & videos from the Lesbian Herstory Archives (NYC) and the Bildwechsel Archive (Hamburg, Germany)

Presented by Kate Huh, Co-Director Mix NYC. Co-curated with archivists Christina Schäfer & Claude Förster, Bildwechsel Archive.


‘Scenes from everyday life’ on April the 5th

Premiere of the first 3-day mini-festival «Video Park Broll» in Basel.

Work will be screened at the cinema «Club» and at Lodypop, and will be part of an online exhibition on the website «Video Park Broll».
You can find more infos about the online exhibition here:
lodypop.ch / galerie-broll.com / videopark.org

Program on Saturday, 5th of April 2008:

7pm introduction of the video project at lodypop, st.johannsvorstadt 72, 4056 basel
11:30pm Nocturne at kult.kino club, marktplatz 34, 4001 basel

With videos from:


Bildwechsel screening in Warsaw

Invitation for Bildwechsel Berlins arty Filmscreening:

Get ready to dress to impress!

During this evening we will offer you a nice combination of clips, videos, performances and arty films that are dealing with clothes and getting dressed in an impressive and uncommon way!

Hot ,funky, desperate!
Lesbian, feminist, norm reflecting positions can be found*

26.03.08/ 20h at UFA/ Warsaw
Marsza?kowska 3/5, I pi?tro

Support your local ufa!
Come and eat some benefit popcorn!!

Deconstructing Video Workshop at UFA/ Warsaw

Video Workshop 19. and 21.-23. of march

„Seksmisja – Kopernikus was a woman”

Have you ever wanted to shoot a queer and feminist movie? And to do it in a collective way? And even in a diy style?

Here comes the possibility!
Together we will meet during the easter-weekend in order to shoot an incredible and unique movie!
Everyone will be able to do everything, it doesn’t matter if you wanna be active behind the camera or if you wanna perform in drag!