As part of the ‘Blechbox-Gespräche’ bildwechsel and the villa magdalena k. present Jessica Maccormack, a montreal based artist.

Wednesday 10th of August at 8pm
at the villa magdalena k., Bernstorffstr.160a, Hamburg

Working with animation, video, painting, drawing, installation and intervention, her interdisciplinary practice examines the complex position of culture within neoliberal capitalism and critiques modes of social control, while exploring the potential for art to function as a site of resistance.

She will talk about her new project „Where We Were Not“ an animated documentary. Jessica will show „Where We Were Not – Part One – Alexus’ Story“, which is the first of a four part animated documentary about criminalization in Canada.


August 6, 2011 • Posted in: event, film



This time the viewers are not sitting in comfy cinema chairs -as usual- but will themselves get active under the open air. Taking the films with them through town, they will move from one wall to the next and are then rewarded with a queer short film. New perspectives on short films can emerge in a unique atmosphere: Influences from the surrounding and colourful flickering images on walls from our favourite Hanseatic celluloid and MiniDV archive are complementing each other.
In cooperation with Bildwechsel e.V. from Hamburg the paranoid:paradise wall flicks will wander through the south-eastern part of Leipzig and create a diverse screening night with on green and fair trade grounds. Reclaim your streets!

date: July 7th 2011
time: 10pm
venue: Deutschen Nationalbibliothek, Deutscher Platz 1, Leipzig
in case of rain: alte Messehallen


VALIE PLUS- Pocket Archive

VALIE PLUS- Pocket Archive
Dedicated to shifting Images. I love Bildwechsel

“VALIE PLUS – Pocket Archive” is intended to be an on-going series placing its interest within film, video and performance focusing on queer-feminist perspectives, representation and viewpoints.

In the “Pocket Archive” we will “export” films and videos of international artists and filmmakers to Berlin.
These will be selected from the 7000+ films and videos held in the archive of Bildwechsel in Hamburg, an umbrella organisation for Women+/Media/Culture.

We’re always looking for new entries, so bring your videos/films with you!

venue: raumerweiterungshalle, markgrafendamm 24c, berlin
date: 16. June 2011

18:00 Pocket Archive:

Collective fragmentary screening of videos temporarily exported from the Bildwechsel archive in Hamburg.
This time around we searched for files that contained the words: Raum, Erweiterung or Hall (space, expanding, resonance).
The screening is alterable depending on the whims and desires of the audience and is an extract from the archive.

21:00 mini Vokü

22:00 Welcome-Screening

We greet the new entries with a videoprogram.
Some filmmakers will be present and new arrivals with a video program are welcomed!

23:00 Party:

“sonic.space.expanding” with dj: wassiwas

Entrance: donations (in order to cover the costes of the event and to support Bildwechsel!)

Bauhaus am Flughafen

Bauhaus am Flughafen: ein Schlafsaal, ein Videokabinett und ein Kostümfest

from June 3rd to June 26th 2012
Bildwechsel at the artist studios sootbörn

June 3rd to June 5th

performance artists meeting
A 3-day event to exchange ideas about different working conditions, present work to one another, and develop new collaborations. If you’d like to take part please e-mail to info@bildwechsel.org more


Bildwechsel presents:


by Magda Wystub + Katrina Schaffer
2011, 70min, polish with subtitles

The first documentary focusing exclusively on the situation of lesbians in Poland.

website: yes-we-are.de

venue: B-Movie, Brigittenstr. 5, Hamburg
date: May 17th, 2011
beginning: 8pm