As part of the ‘Blechbox-Gespräche’ bildwechsel and the villa magdalena k. present Jessica Maccormack, a montreal based artist. Wednesday 10th of August at 8pm at the villa magdalena k., Bernstorffstr.160a, more

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KURZFILMCRUISING: BILDWECHSEL meets PARANOID:PARADISE meets MAUERSTREIFEN This time the viewers are not sitting in comfy cinema chairs -as usual- but will themselves get active under the open air. Taking the more

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VALIE PLUS- Pocket Archive

VALIE PLUS- Pocket Archive Dedicated to shifting Images. I love Bildwechsel “VALIE PLUS – Pocket Archive” is intended to be an on-going series placing its interest within film, video and more

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Bildwechsel presents: YES, WE ARE by Magda Wystub + Katrina Schaffer 2011, 70min, polish with subtitles The first documentary focusing exclusively on the situation of lesbians in Poland. website: yes-we-are.de more

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Beauty & Brains

GLIZZER invites + Bildwechsel & Document Festival present: Beauty & Brains by Catherine Donaldson UK 2010 1:24 Would you enter a talent contest to stop rape and abuse being an more

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