Bildwechsel screening in Berlin

Bildwechsel Berlin presents a program with films out of the Bildwechsel artist archive.

Get ready to dress to impress!

We show clips, that are dealing with clothes, crossdressing, posing and gender in a humorous way.
Diy, punk, arty stuff, performance, etc.
Who drags on and what is created out of that?
Free entrance

With soli-popcorn for u-f-a! A new queer – feminist center in Warsaw. Website: u-f-a.pl

date: February 21th, 2008
beginning: 8pm
venue: k9, Kinzigstr.9, 10247 berlin

qunst.mag e-zine published

qunst.mag‘Qunst.mag is an e-zine created by members of Bildwechsel and the contributing artists.
Our aim is to provide a platform for queer feminist artists working in various media.
This is the first issue of qunst.mag, and our theme for this issue is ‚traveling‘.’

Please download qunst.mag here: qunst.mag

‘Screaming Queens’ screening on February 4th

Bildwechsel presents a Queer Monday Event:

‘Screaming Queens – The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria’

‘Three years before the famous rioting at New York’s Stonewall Inn, there was a riot in San Francisco at Gene Compton’s Cafeteria. On a hot Summer’s night in 1966, in the city’s Tenderloin district, a group of transgender women and gay street-hustlers fought back for the first time in history against everyday police harassment. This act of resistance was a dramatic turning point for the transgender community, and the beginning of a new human rights struggle that continues to this very day.’

read more on the website: screamingqueensmovie.com

date: February 4th, 2008
beginning: 8pm
venue: Buttclub, Hafenstr.126, Hamburg

TOO QUEER FOR MTV screening at Queer Monday

The Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Hamburg and Bildwechsel present:

The best of ‘TOO QUEER FOR MTV’

Turning their backs on the notion of mass-appeal and profiting from the accessibility to technology and new broadcast channels, a large and diverse group of people are producing music-videos with a stance that reminds us of what punk was once all about: the do-it-yourself attitude. This is a selection of witty, daring, trashy, queer video-clips you will not be seeing on MTV anytime soon.

date: January 21st, 2008
beginning: 8pm
venue: Buttclub, Hafenstr.126, Hamburg

For more information about the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Hamburg check out their website: lsf-hamburg.de

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