Concert and reading with Rae Spoon

On January 16th Rae Spoon will be playing a show at Centro Sociale’s Erweitertem Wohnzimmer and on January 28th Rae will be back in Hamburg to read from their books ‘First Spring Grass Fire’ and ‘Gender Failure’.
Find out more about Rae on their website: www.raespoon.com

venue: Centro Sociale, Sternstr. 2, Hamburg
date: January 16th, 2015
beginning: 9 pm

venue: Buchhandlung im Schanzenviertel, Schulterblatt 55, Hamburg
date: January 28th, 2015
beginning: 8 pm


Dokumentarfilmsalon auf st. pauli and bildwechsel present: ROCK, RAGE & SELF DEFENSE: AN ORAL HISTORY OF SEATTLE’S HOME ALIVE

The film follows the origin story of Seattle’s grass-roots, self defense collective Home Alive. Prompted by the rape and murder of The Gits’ lead singer Mia Zapata, and other deaths in the Arts and Music community. more

End Of Year Calendar 2014

come and click – the bildwechsel end-of-year calender will be by your side, day by day, picture by picture, from december 1st to january 1st 2014 – an online exhibition by and with 32 artists!

swarm-viewing during the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival

bildwechsel presents a swarm-viewing during the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival 2014

we know that every video/film wants to be seen. for a swarm-viewing we bring a collection of films and videos that are related to one another – by theme, or approach, or time, or place – this time we will be showing short films from the early years of the Queer Film Festival that we have digitized for the swarm-viewing during the festival.

the videos/films are presented together yet individually. the people who visit the swarm event can pick up a personal dvd player and each film from a central location where we are on hand to introduce the works one by one. the films/videos then can be viewed, at their own pace, alone or in groups.
swarm-viewing is a format we’ve experimented with already and it works really well – people swap films with one another and it seems to encourage people to discuss and engage with the work – it creates a really lovely film respecting atmosphere.
please feel invited to come.
and you are always invited to bring your own videos for the bildwechsel archives.

date: october 15th, 2pm – 9pm
venue: bildwechsel, kirchenallee 25, 20099 hamburg

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