Dance And Performance Videos From the Bildwechsel Archives

Lisa Fannen is visiting Hamburg. She will present her video “Dialogue”.
We will also be showing a programme of dance and performance videos from the bildwechsel archives.

DIALOGUE (approx. 15 mins)
Edited sound and improvised movement as response to/ critique of new age

…. these particular prayers we’re offered…..
Dialogue was performed as a solo in a few places. A solo performance in London April 2012 experimented with trying to open out into shared conversation and was followed by a second evening of performance which involved a group improvised dance/movement response to the sound. This
film is a record of that collective performance.
Sound Lisa Fannen.
Improvised movement Natasha Lowe Swingler, Jiska Morgenthal, Katsura Isobe and Jan Lee.

Date: August 16th, 2012
Beginning: 7pm
Venue: Bildwechsel, Kirchenallee 25, 20999 Hamburg

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